Bonded ALMO-EDA for high spin state

I’m trying to run bonded ALMO-EDA on H2(T) with H fragments by specifying multiplicity after the $mol line. However, I keep getting an interaction energy that is identical to H2(S). Is this due to the fact everything past the spin-coupling step uses CSF with spin-flipped Slater determinants, thus enforcing lowest spin state? Or is there a better way to define triplet molecules than below? Thanks in advance!

   0 3
--  An alpha spin H atom
   0 2
--  Another alpha spin H atom
   0 2
   H2 H1 0.5

For triplet states, you can just use the standard DFT-based ALMO-EDA (the input will be the same as for non-covalent complexes) instead of the bonded EDA.

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