Compute E-field at nuclear positions

I was wondering if there is a ready-to-use option (i.e. by setting some rem keywords) to let Q-Chem print out the E-field at all nuclear positions. The underlying functionalities must be available since those derivatives are needed for geometry optimization. I found ESP_EFIELD from the manual but that only seems to work when a plotting grid is given (not for nuclear positions).

If there is no such a ready-to-use option, I think I can enable that with a tiny modification in the code.

I think this could be done, either with off-the-shelf Q-Chem or small modifications, using the $grid section combined with the ESP_FIELD option that you found. $grid section is described in the manual as a way to use a user-defined set of grid points for plots, exactly for this kind of situation where one wants a relatively small number of points (or maybe just non-Cartesian points) rather than a dense grid. What I don’t know off-hand is whether we made it work for E-field or not. If you find out the answer, please post a reply.