Double precision for C-DFTCI results

Hi colleagues,

I am sorry for this question, it might be a silly one but is it possible to increase the precision to get the value of coupling energies lower than 1. 10-7 a. u? I have a system that does not have an exactly 0 overlap but the coupling in the orthogonal basis is printed as 0. Is this due to the writing format? or might be something else?

Here it goes an extract of the results:

CDFT-CI using one-electron coupling
CDFT-CI overlap matrix
1 2
1 1.0000000000 -0.0000008012
2 -0.0000008012 1.0000000000
CDFT-CI Hamiltonian matrix in non-orthogonal basis
1 2
1-1045.2145481684 0.0008374219
2 0.0008374219-1045.1911014738
CDFT-CI Hamiltonian matrix in orthogonalized basis
1 2
1-1045.2145482 -0.0000000
2 -0.0000000-1045.1911015

I couldn’t find an option to change the writing format in the manual.

Thank you in advance for any help you might provide.


This is just a formatted print that could be changed (although not from the input file, so far as I can tell). However, what this is telling you (I think) is that your CDFT basis is almost the adiabatic one, so are you convinced that this calculation is really meaningful?