Electron Coupling between Xe+ and F-

Hello, I am trying to use qchem to get some practice calculation of Electron coupling. I slightly modified the example code provided on the qchem website, but it gives me this result. Could anybody give me some hints, I am new to this, thank you so much!

My input file:

  0  2
  -1  1,  0  2
   9    0.000000    0.000000    0.000000
   1  2, 0  1
   54    0.000000    0.000000    5.0

   JOBTYPE               SP
   METHOD                HF
   BASIS                 6-31+G*
   SYM_IGNORE            TRUE
   SCF_GUESS             FRAGMO
   STS_DC                TRUE

Unexpected End of File for file


was found while looking for Atomic Symbol Xe.

Check to see if this file has a basis for that atomic symbol.
The input format searched for here should be:
Q-Chem fatal error occurred in module forms1\AtomicBasis.C, line 1099:

Basis not supported for the above atom.

Please submit a crash report at q-chem.com/reporter

The problem is that Xe is not available in the 6-31+G* basis set, you will need to choose a different basis set that can be used for Xe.