Extract intermediate steps for optimized structure

Hello all
Is there a code available to extract the intermediate steps from geometry optimization out file? Since directly opening the .out file in chemcraft or Avogadro does not show the trajectory.

You can check Example 10.13 in the manual (10.5.2 Visualizing Orbitals UsingMolDenandMacMolPlt‣ 10.5 Visualizing and Plotting Volumetric Quantities ‣ Chapter 10 Molecular Properties and Analysis ‣ Q-Chem 6.2 User’s Manual). If you set the REM variable MOLDEN_FORMAT to true, the geometry at each optimization step is printed in the MOLDEN section at the end of the Q-Chem output file. If you want these geometries in a separate file, maybe just write a shell script to retrieve the relevant lines from the MOLDEN section to a new file.

something like this will do the trick

cat qchem.out | awk -v Num=0 '/I     Atom/,/Nuclear/{if (NF == 5){if ($1 == "I") printf("Geom %d\n",++Num); else printf("%2s %14.10f %14.10f %14.10f\n",$2,$3,$4,$5)}}'