How to visualize OSLO

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to use the Q-CHEM new module Oxidation State Localized Orbitals (OSLO). However, after the oxidation state calculation was successfully done, I use the IQmol software to visualize the localized orbitals and then encounter this promblem. The IQmol seemed to support the OSLO fchk file because there is a OSLO module under the canonical molecular orbital module. When i try to view the OSLO, i found that the OSLO was exact same as the canonical molecular orbitals.
I wander what should I do to visualize the new localized orbitals in IQmol? Or is there any visulaization software like VMD etc. could support to view the OSLO orbitals.
Your advice is sincerely appreciate.

Here is my input file:
-2 1
Cl -0.00001580 2.28566983 1.68561704
Cl -2.28566983 -0.00001580 1.68561704
Cl 0.00001580 -2.28566983 1.68561704
Cl 2.28566983 0.00001580 1.68561704
Cl -2.28566983 0.00001580 -1.68561704
Cl 0.00001580 2.28566983 -1.68561704
Cl 2.28566983 -0.00001580 -1.68561704
Cl -0.00001580 -2.28566983 -1.68561704
Re -0.00000000 0.00000000 -1.08862096
Re -0.00000000 -0.00000000 1.08862096

jobtype sp
method pbe0
BASIS def2-svp
mem_static 2000
oslo 1

autosad 1
oslo_popanaltype 2
print_level 0

.fchk file records OSLO coefficients in “Localized Alpha/Beta MO coefficients (OSLO)” and MO coefficients in “Alpha/Beta MO coefficients” paragraphs respectively.
In current Q-Chem (version 5.4) however, the paragraphs of OSLO and occupied MO are identical in .fchk file in OSLO calculation. Since IQmol can visualize two sets of orbitals, I think the original purpose of .fchk file for OSLO calculation is to contain both OSLO and MO. Anyway, this error makes it convenient for us to apply other wave-function analysis codes on OSLO without further modification.