Print oscillator strengths from SA-SF-TDDFT

Dear QChem team,

I am new to the SF-TD-DFT Method and am now learning the SA-SF-DFT that can remove the spin-contamination of the excited states. However, there are two main questions I would like to address:

(1). By default, I did not see the oscillator strengths have been printed in the output, which can be useful to model the UV spectrum.
(2). Since the actual ground state should be excited state 1 instead of the reference, the oscillator strengths are based on the excited state 1 or the reference?


Just to add one more question from NTOs. I saw that NTOs can be used in conjunction with the SF-TDDFT. Similarly, the ground state used here is the excited 1 or the reference?

Doesn’t look like we coded up the oscillator strengths.

All excitation information should be with respect to the reference state.

Thanks, Prof. Herbert.