Problem running Q-Chem: Key 'hf/nossa' is not known

I tried to do MECP, but i faced a problem, Key ‘hf/nossa’ is not known. Here I attached my input file here.

0 3
N 1 B1
O 1 B2 2 A1
O 3 B3 1 A2 2 D1 0

B1 1.14416032
B2 1.32890525
B3 1.61898088
A1 144.25929376
A2 116.15338594
D1 0.02930681

MECP_METHODS mecp_direct
BASIS aug-cc-pvtz
XOPT_STATE_1 [1,0]
XOPT_STATE_2 [0,1]

I ran this with Q-Chem 6.0.1 and it dies in first CCSD calculation due to insufficient memory, here is the message:

 Insufficient memory for integral transformation.
  Minimum contiguous memory block required: 700 MB
  Largest contiguous memory block available from CC_MEMORY: 513 MB
  Largest contiguous memory block outside CC_MEMORY: 192 MB
 Please either increase CC_MEMORY to at least 2052
 or increase MEM_TOTAL to at least 2508

 Q-Chem fatal error occurred in module liblegacy/liblegacy/qcimport_motran_qints.C, line 1191:

 AO-MO integral transformation failed

Resolution seems pretty straightforward.

I tried with TOT_MEM=50000 but same error showed.

With larger MEM_TOTAL, the CCSD energy calculation runs and I can reproduce your error. The message

 Entering direct/semidirect transformation code...
          The following integrals will be calculated:

The error message that you note is indeed cryptic, but th position in the code suggests to me that perhaps AO2MO_DISK needs to be increased for the semidirect integral transformation. I also suggest that you should not start a calculation like this, for the first time, in a sizable basis set such as aug-cc-pVTZ. Use something small like 6-31G* in order to get your bearings.