Problem when zsh source file

Has anyone tried to move to a zsh on macOS and running Q-Chem on local machine? I decided to give a try but when I try to source a regular file I receive:
/Users/local/ = not found
I only modified the original with specifying a $QC location and $QCSCRATCH.Dont really see what might cause this problem. I am running Q-Chem 5.2

Will appreciate any comments!

Q-Chem currently ships with for bash and qcenv.csh for csh/tcsh. Other shells are not supported. However, since macOS now defaults to zsh, Q-Chem will include support for zsh in a future release.

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Thank you! Looking forward to all upcoming upgrades. I tried to play around with script for zsh, but failed. Now I understand that it is more complicated than just setting up particular variables.