Problematic description in SolventName

Dear developers,

I found something maybe wrong with the values of OpticalDielectric given in the latest version of manual.
In Table 11.4, Dielectric and OpticalDielectric values are given for different solvents. Except for water, the OpticalDielectric values are actually refractive index (RI). For example, the RI value of acetone is 1.3592 (Refractive index of C3H6O (Acetone) - Rheims), whereas the OpticalDielectric value given in the manual is 1.36. So which value should I specify for OpticalDielectric, RI or RI**2?

You are correct, the values given in the manual appear to be indices of refraction (n) rather that optical dielectric constants (e_inf = n**2). Thank you for pointing this out. I have just committed a fix that will appear in Q-Chem v. 6.2.1. Meanwhile, you can always specify a correct value by forgoing SolventName and specifying OpticalDielectric explicitly.