Q-Chem on M1 processors

I do understand that it is very much forth looking question, but I was wondering what is the future of Q-Chem with Apple Silicon on personal computers?

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The answer to this question depends on how many users will be interested in running Q-Chem on such systems. At this point it’s too early to tell in my view.

Thank you!

To early to create a poll, but I’m sure many Mac users will be happy to. At least several people at USC in my opinion. Especially MEM/CPU architecture is very interesting to be compared to what we all are used to.

Have you tried running Q-Chem through Rosetta 2 emulation? It might actually just work out of the box.

To be honest, my doubts about potential loss of Q-Chem prevented me so far from purchasing M1 machine. But Rosetta 2 is a good point and I should find a way to test it as well. Thank you, @epif!