The Q-Chem + BrianQC performance…

Dear Colleagues. I am about to purchase the 64 core license for Q-Chem 6.x + 2-4 GPUs BrianQC and the HPC server to perform the calculations. It will be used exclusively to run Q-Chem (the whole spectrum of DFT and post-hf methods). Which configuration would be the best option as regards the performance?:

A) 7763/7773x, 1TB RAM, 2xA6000.
B) 7763/7773x, 1 TB RAM, 4xA5000.
C) 2x75f3, 1TB RAM, 2xA6000.
D) 2x75f3, 1TB RAM, 4xA5000.
E) 2x8362, 1TB, 2xA6000.
F) 2x8362, 1TB, 4xA5000.

Thank you in advance!