What is included in the optical rotation tensor?

Specifically, I am trying to figure out whether it is only built up from the electric dipole-magnetic dipole response tensor, or the electric dipole-quadrupole terms are also included. The output of a calculation is somewhat unclear on this manner, so is the manual. Looking at the two citations from the manual, [176] mentions that the electric dipole-quadrupole terms is negligible for spatially averaged systems, but analyzes the general case. However, [177] does not even mention the dipole-quadrupole contribution, since it only seems to be working with the trace of the matrix.

On one hand, from the context it seems to be that only the electric dipole-magnetic dipole tensor is implemented in the code. On the other hand, since the full tensor is printed, not the trace, I would probably expect that it also contains contributions from the electric dipole-quadrupole polarizability tensor.

Could someone clarify what exactly is the meaning of the result in the output?